CdP-OAI at MIPIM 2022 UK

OAI 01/03/2022 1/2 Réf. OAI : Activ/Foire/MIPIM2020/CdP-OAI at MIPIM 2022 UK Luxembourg, 01/03/2022 MIPIM 2022: + Luxembourg, an intelligent laboratory for holistic and resilient concepts in sustainable construction The “Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils” (OAI) will be present at MIPIM 2022 in Cannes on the booth of the Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg (Riviera, level 1, booth R8.D14) with two highlights : 1. Book / Web / Film : In order to meet the increased needs and expectations of project owners, OAI encourages its members to further intensify their efforts to establish a genuine culture of coordinated and complete services, both in terms of substance by adopting common rules and form by creating study groups. The "Maîtrise d’oeuvre OAI (MOAI.LU) " method has the clear advantage of maintaining a direct link between the project owner and the designers, who have all the assets to move the project forward according to the client's requirements. The catalogue of services and the "aide-memoire" sheets summarising the good practices and rules in force with regard to MOAI can be applied without difficulty in the state, communal, para-state and private sectors. 2. Book / Web / Film : “Design First, Build Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive and Regional” L uxembourg Architectes Ingénieurs-conseils eXchange / eXport The focus lies firstly on projects dealing with contextual issues realized worldwide. Secondly the publication shows the know-how from OAI members in certified ecological buildings in Luxembourg. Besides the printed matter, the collected data is available online, , where recent projects are added regularly. PRESS RELEASE MIPIM 2022